Beautiful human gestures – via haircuts

Beautiful human gestures the world over – through haircuts. London barber Joshua Coombes is offering haircuts to homeless people as part of the #DoSomethingForNothing movement.

Mr. Coombes will often walk the streets of London in search for a homeless person who could use a good image readjustment. Cleaning a person’s visage, as well as giving them a nice fresh haircut, is one of the greatest was for a person to feel fresh, clean and feeling as though they can have, just for a moment, a new image of themselves. This is often one of the greatest gifts one can give another: a good feeling about themselves, and their worth in the world. Enjoy the following video

Now, how did that make you feel? Inspired probably. Now, with that sentiment clearly in mind, go out in the world and try to share one bit of goodness, in any form whatsoever, and see what happens.

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