Bernie supporters “begin to coalesce around Clinton”? Really?

Mainstream media begin pushing a pro-Clinton messaging that does not correlate with Bernie supporters’ own voices.

By Matt Classen

Matt Classen, Editor in Chief, Our Times

After Bernie Sanders formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, mainstream media has been quick to promote that Mr. Sanders supporters were beginning to coalesce around Mrs. Clinton. In the following video, a CNN correspondent cites statistics about Mr. Sanders’ supporters and how they are planning to vote now. According to CNN, 75% of Mr. Sanders’ supporters are proclaiming they will vote for Mrs. Clinton, with a full 11% stating they will vote for Donald Trump. The other 14% state they will not vote, they will vote for someone else, or that they don’t yet know for whom they will vote.

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Really? The 75% statistic seems a bit fishy. Who in the world did they poll? Being well aware that Mr. Sanders’ supporters are very much disenfranchised with the overall system, many of whom feel very strongly that the system is rigged and that mainstream media serves only as a dedicated communication channel to support the rigged system, I decided to check and see what Mr. Sanders’ supporters where saying online. I went to his Facebook page, found the post where he proclaimed his endorsement of Mrs. Clinton and looked up the first 10 comments to see what people were saying. What I found confirmed what I had thought – and that was that supporters were not likely to just jump in and vote for Mrs. Clinton. In fact, many of the comments we vehemently against supporting Mrs. Clinton. Of course, I am only looking at a sample of 10 comments, which is by no means scientific or conclusive by any stretch, but it is a sample that reflects the sentiment of so many others who do not trust Mrs. Clinton and are highly reticent to simply cast a vote for someone who is so clearly a part of the establishment system. And if for some reason you, as a reader, would like to do your own research, feel free to do so and comment on this post. In the meantime, here are the first 10 comments from Mr. Sanders endorsement post on his Facebook page:

It’s time to pull together stronger than ever before! We need to continue this revolution, and must throw our weight behind a progressive candidate who will make a real difference. With our support we could get#JillStein into national debates and secure federal funding for the Green Party. This is the revolution we have been waiting for. #JillBeforeHill. The naysayers that insist Jill has no chance are the same reason Bernie got buried this election because you thought he didn’t either. You are what’s wrong with our democracy.

– Max Acevedo

Intelligent Bernie supporters will NEVER support her because she stands for everything were fighting against. #neverhillary. Just because Bernie has left our movement does not mean it is over.

– Daniel Whitfeld

no way, he just shot himself in the foot. his entire campaign was about getting special interests out of politics, and now he’s endorsing the candidate that embodies corruption and special interest groups. it’s a total sell out, he should never have done this. his entire fight was for nothing. if he thinks changing the DNC platform is a win, he’s sadly mistaken, the DNC will say anything to Bernie to get him out of the election, and they just conned him into it by saying “oh don’t worry, we will adopt many of your policies” but none of it will come to fruition once she is elected, she has no intention to ever follow thru.

– Jason Poirier

“Fighting for Us” is a Clinton slogan and it won’t wash with Sanders supporters. If Sanders wanted us to support Clinton, he shouldn’t have done such a great job of exposing her for what she really stands for. Sorry Bernie. Coming to theaters soon “Hillary’s America” and “Clinton Cash.”

– John Smalley

With all due respect, Senator Sanders we told you that we would never vote for Clinton and we meant it. She does not reflect our values or yours. If Donald Trump get’s elected the fault will lay at the feet of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Today is a sad say for this country.

– Maggie MacDonald

It is a great day and Bernie did NOT sell you all out. He fought hard for what he believes in and has worked hard with Clinton to incorporate those goals into her agenda. GOOD FOR BERNIE!! And he will continue to work hard for all you Bernie supporters. Bernie & Hillary Clinton are working together with the same goals in mind. He has accomplished what he set out to do and will be an integral part of the platform going forward.

– Marilyn Stringer

The revolution sure crumbled today though, when you fully endorsed everything you stand against. I gotta admit, I’m really disappointed and pissed off, I’ve been supporting you since before you even announced your campaign for office. #GaryJohnson2016

– Michael Gallegos

You could have joined the Green Party and won, you bowed to the oppressors when you had an alternative, I want my money back and do not turn over your donor list to that b***.

– Mark Brown

I am disappointed and frustrated..but remember that he didn’t mean for this movement to just be about or to be solely orchestrated by him in its entirety, it was meant to rally the American people and realize the reality of the American dream; and at this point, even as the political system is economically/corporately influenced and political parties are already corporations in themselves, we must continue this movement beyond the extravagance and excitement of the election game, but more importantly beyond Sanders at this point. If this were truly a movement it would thrive beyond this mere electoral phenomenon and continue to bring about macro-level change in society.

Dedication, determination, and direction is key to bring about any stratification of change. Bernie wouldn’t have been elected precisely because America is not prepared to undergo such change, given the various ramifications of our corporate-run nation. Once the younger generation gradually takes control, perhaps 15-20 years later, that is where this nation will be prepared and headed for true progression.\

– Shayan Rabiee

“Some of us will be disappointed” is an understatement…We, as the American people need to end the notion of the 2 party system….PERIOD. More choices = more voice for the people vs voting for the “lesser” of 2 evils.

– Kate M. Buning

If you actually run through more of the comments from Bernie’s supporters (the ones on Facebook, at least), you will find hundreds more such kinds of comments, which by no means lends confidence to CNN’s 75% statistic. So where is the disconnect? Why does it feel as though the establishment machine is using the same predictable methods to misguide the American people?

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