Comparing vibration of speeches at 2016 RNC and DNC

Here’s a quick exercise. Forget, if you can, what your political leanings in the U.S. are. Simply watch, in the most objective manner possible, how each of the keynote speeches given during the Republican and Democratic National conventions made you feel. Use descriptive adjectives to describe these feelings. Then consider that whatever your feelings are, you have them because you are absolutely meant to have them. What you are feeling is not an accident. The speeches given at these conventions have incredibly well crafted, and meticulously organized communication lines that are meant to elicit very clear responses.

Now ask yourself, are the vibrations put out by these speeches lower vibrational frequencies, or higher vibrational frequencies? The lower ones make you feel, well, bad, angry, hopeless and aggression against non-like minds. Higher vibrational frequencies make you feel good, inspired, hopeful and empathetic with non-like minds. Lower vibrational frequencies (especially on this scale of reach) can very well trigger horrible consequences, like world wars, and even genocide of entire peoples. Higher vibrational frequencies can lead to creativity, collaboration and evolutionary growth across civilizations. These are simple truths to human existence.

The third question to ask is, with which of these two vibrational frequencies do you want to align your all-too-precious life force? Which is healthier for you as an individual and will lead to higher levels of happiness and contentedness?

Now, here come five sets of videos for this contrasting exercise – Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, and, finally, Rudy Giuliani and President Obama. Watch them and notice as carefully as possible, what vibration are you experiencing?

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton


Mike Pence and Tim Kaine


Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders


Melania Trump and Michelle Obama


Rudi Giuliani and Barack Obama

Now, after watching all these videos, how do you feel? Objectively, identify how your mind, body and spirit feel. Is your vibrational energy low or high? Which feels healthier for you, both short-term and long-term? And why are these question being posed in the first place? Why indeed.

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