Guam – The Tiny Island Stuck Between US-North Korea Dispute

North Korea, US nuclear dispute

The recent statement by Donald Trump regarding the US being locked and loaded for any attack by North Korea has caused a stir in the air. The whole world is now contemplating something massive happening between the two countries.

While the center of focus is Washington DC and all the statements coming from the capital of the United States, there is a small island named Guam that is stuck amidst all the chaos. Few people have even heard of its name, but the fact of matter is that since the saber rattling began, and since North Korea has stated that it has operational plans to attack Guam, the tension in the island has been on the rise.

Strategic importance of Guam

The Guam Island is located in close proximity of the Philippines, China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula. This is the reason that it has been an essential possession for the army of the United States for the last many decades. The fact that it is located much closer to the North Korea, than it is to the US, makes it strategically even more important for both the countries.

However, the island has great bonding with the United States of America. This is that since it became a U.S. territory in the year 1898 after the American-Spanish war, they have made it an unincorporated organized territory.

History of US involvement in Guam

The United States of America has a significant strategic naval base in the south of Guam, whereas it has an air force base in the north of the island, which was used quite extensively during the Vietnam War that the country fought for so many years.

A noteworthy point here is that the American army has already occupied more than 30% of the entire island. And, it seeks to increase its presence by suggestion that people from Guam relocate to different parts of the island. So it won’t be wrong to state the U.S. army is doing its bit to influence the population of the island in its favor.

The recent development and its impact on the island

As mentioned earlier, recent developments and the war of words between the United States and North Korea has managed to stir the peace in the island. The entire world is focused on knowing how this most recent spat between the US and North Korea will shake out, but very few seem to take an interest to what people on the island of Guam are going through.

In this battle of superiority and power between these two countries, the world has completely forgotten that there are plenty of small islands and places like Guam that might never even bounce back because of the aftermaths caused by war. Is it therefore time the world shifts its focus from the major happenings and gets to see where the future of such islands like Guam resides?  This can only happen if there is a wide-spread public rebuke to the notion of nuclear-armed conflict and the devastating impacts of war.

The atomic attacks against Hiroshima and Nagasaki that concluded WW2, brought the horrors of a nuclear attack on a civilian population to devastating view. We cannot be held hostage as two less evolved human beings (US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un) threaten each other and the planet with annihilation. The question is how.

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