The Curious Case Of Increasing Racism And Hate Crimes In The US

Hate crimes in the US

Hate crimes in the US are increasing. Culprits are no surprise, but the speed with which it has gotten so tense in the country, is.

No matter how liberal we claim ourselves to be, the fact of the matter is that racism was, is and will be a part of the culture of United States for a very long time to come. The anti-Muslim attack in Portland, as well as the recent horrors witnessed in Charlottesville, are just two of the many examples that prove it.

White supremacists clash with police in Charlottesville, 2017

On one side we are talking about equality, giving people the freedom of speech, and trying to “make America great again”, but on the other hand there is a part of our own community who is spreading hatred and fear within the people with such activities. This brings us to the question – how far have we come together as a nation? Are we really moving forward towards creating a country where everyone, every person no matter what caste or creed he/she is from, is able to live freely?

The answer to this lies in uncertainty.

Here’s one of the countless examples of hate crimes occurring in the country because of the racism barrier –

The racism heat wave has picked up since Trump’s campaign

The worst to have happen to the different ethnicities and people from different communities living in harmony in the US has been the fact that such incidents of racist attacks have picked up their pace since Donald Trump’s campaign speeches, and general rhetoric begun in earnest in 2016. Even Fox News, a very well-renowned news outlet that is regarded a very right-leaning with their espoused politic, has reported that hate crimes are up in the US in 2017. Al Jazeera echoed this via an article with statistics provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC’s report showed a 197% rise in anti-muslim hate groups from 2015 to 2016.

After the Charlottesville attack, Donald Trump condemned what happened, but what people believe is that it was because of his anti-immigrant rhetoric during the electoral campaign trail that has instigated such incidences. And, people have been widely critiquing and criticizing the racist, and Islamophobic speeches that were part of the campaign.

Whatever the case, the rise of Donald Trump has gone hand-in-hand with acts of violence against minorities, or the people who would defend them from harm. What is also very clear is that President Trump has knowingly stoked racist tendencies in a base across the nation that was all too ready to be activated. Contrary to how the popular wisdom portrays Mr. Trump as “stupid”, he is quite clearly anything but. He has been able to gently stoke hatred of “the other” while not fully disavowing the results (e.g. when violence occurs). This gives a huge green light for hate groups to promulgate their anger at an increasingly multicultural world. It is really no wonder that so many people in hate groups are so clearly enamored with Trump. To think that Mr. Trump is not fully aware of this, and that he is using it to his advantage, is folly.

The picture is bleak, but a ray of hope lies in non-violent counter demonstrations

There is always a silver lining, even in the darkest of skies. We must not lose hope, as long as we all stand united against such awful activities and hold each other’s hand to come up strong, we will be able to bounce back. And, make not just United States of America, but the entire world a great place to live – a world without racism, hatred and crime.

Keep in mind that hate groups want to be engaged with hate of equal proportion coming their way. Protesting hate groups is of course very much par for the course in the current struggle for equality (and indeed sanity), but engaging anger, and even violence, to combat hate groups, will have an undeniably inflammatory effect which will make the situation around the country even worse.

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