Hillary’s in trouble, and many progressives remain unmoved

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who worked with Edward Snowden to expose massive spying by the US government on its own citizens, and the founder of The Intercept, recently posted an article entitled The Unrelenting Pundit-Led Effort to Delegitimize All Negative Reporting About Hillary Clinton. As the title of this article suggests, the main topic is how political pundits, and so many in the media are so overwhelmingly against Donald Trump for all the obvious reasons. The prospect of a Trump presidency is indeed frightening. So the clear communication being broadcast is that the only way to stop Donald Trump from getting elected is to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy at all costs. In fact, if you’ve noticed, progressive pundits and media channels have made sure to denigrate and shame any progressive who would question Hillary’s candidacy in favor of a 3rd party candidate. This is not by accident. This is the machine at work.

This is the same machine that so often denigrated and trivialized the Bernie Sanders’ campaign, which included the DNC itself working to subvert the democratic process to get its preferred machine-favored candidate (Clinton) elected over Mr. Sanders. This is the same machine sought to disenfranchise progressive voters by calling the primary election in Hillary’s favor the day before California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota were to cast their votes. This is the same machine that was able to actually cheat democracy itself through voter registration tampering, purging, obstruction and suppression. This is the same machine that could see clear statistics that Mr. Sanders would be far and away the more effective Democratic Candidate to face Donald Trump, but pushed through Mrs. Clinton anyway.

To be clear, Our Times is not using the above information to discourage people from voting for Mrs. Clinton. In our view, since this election is between two electable candidates, and the prospect of a Trump presidency simply too scary to allow to happen, we do highly encourage voters to 1) Get Mrs. Clinton elected; 2) Begin forming a grassroots initiative to create third and fourth parties in order to steal the power away from the machine that wields far too much power. But #2 is only going to be effective with a long-term approach, and not once every four years.

The thing is, even though a Trump presidency should scare a lot of progressives into being strong supporters of Hillary Clinton (at least for now until Mr. Sanders’ movement can create a long-term political revolution after this election), all too many progressives remain unswayed, no matter how much denigration and shaming they face by political pundits. Robert Reich, the very prominent progressive economist has over 1.4 million followers on his Facebook page. Whenever he opines about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, the comments from his followers are overwhelming cynical of Mrs. Clinton. In one of his recent posts (September 16th, 2016), the comments it received where far and away overwhelming negative of Mrs. Clinton. And these are exactly the people who Clinton needs to swing her way if she wants to be elected. We did a simple copy/past of the first several comments. There are as follows:

Schantrac Keech LOL how can clinton campaign against a political and economic system gone awry when she is literally the establishment most people are upset with?

Jim Morris Hillary doesn’t care about anything but getting elected. Why do you think her whole campaign platform is that she’s not Trump?

Joey Mulkerin I think she can’t because she represents the worst of the neoliberal consensus that only benefits the top 1% and a morally bankrupt foreign policy. I just saw Bernie speaking today and found myself depressed that he’s not the nominee because he could channel the anger that people are feeling with greater honesty. The majority of Democrats are completely clueless with where the country is if they thought that Hillary was the safer bet or somehow more electable.

Beth Wendy Grundfest-Frigeri What’s “Imperiling her candidacy” is that after all the lies that she’s told, all the fraud that either she orchestrated or was done in her name and her horribly made decisions, she is the worst possible candidate that the Democratic Party could have coronated as their nominee! After that problem at the 9-11 memorial put an exclamation mark on her health problems and added to said lies, her numbers as compared to that bigoted, horrible businessman (that should’ve just invested his inheritance into low interest and low risk measures, so that he’s have more money) are just going to get worse now! She should step aside for the good of her health and the country, to give Sanders the nomination which will in turn give him the presidency after the November election.

Stephanie Sepaugh I think the Dems still have time to pull their collective head out & get Bernie nominated, but of course they won’t – unless the upcoming Wikileaks dump proves damning enough. Hillary’s gonna be Hillary, and she’s not enough to beat Trump. The DNC has a serious gambling addiction.

Ed Andrea Nobody wants a leader who is going to “incrementally” change things. Nobody wants a leader who is going to keep things the same. They want somebody bold, who fights and Trump is doing a better job of presenting that, even though he is crazy. She may even be right, but she has no idea what people really want or how to get their imaginations involved. The dems were crazy for shunning Bernie and all his ideas. Even without Bernie, his issues spoke to the people and they would have done well to incorporate them. The democrats killed their party by underestimating their own membership.

Malay Basu Every political movement in the history of this world is about people and person, not policies. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton may promise a world, but still she will remain HIllary Clinton. Nothing can change that fact. The only sureshot way to beat Trump is to #BringBackBernie.

Darin Stelting What has her campaign actually been about? “I’m with her”?? Whoever saddled her campaign with that pathetic non-starter of a slogan should never work again. Probably it’s already too late, but she has less than two months to explain to the American people WHY she wants to be president, WHY she is the candidate they should choose.

Loren Petty I think everyone but the blindest Hillary supporters know that she is not the legitimate winner of the Democratic primary, that she is capable of any underhanded deed to get her way, and her blind ambition to be the first woman President is an obsession that may put her in an early grave. The Democrats nominated the wrong candidate. The public aren’t buying their bullshit. Trump is an extremely unattractive option, but considering we are screwed either way we might as well vote third party to express our disgust with the shit the major parties are trying to pass off as shinola.

Dan Eades Hillary Clinton is running an incredibly stupid campaign. She is talking about Trump instead of the issues. The Democrats made an incredibly stupid choice. No one wants a rerun of the Clinton administration, no one even wants a continuation of the Obama administration.

Eddie Keffel How can you even entertain the idea that Shillary would ever propose bold reform of the economic and political system? It’s like expecting a bully to cut off his own arms so he’ll stop beating you bloody. Those are exactly the tools she manipulated and abused to get her into her position. The entire system works, and has since literal day one, in the favor of rich people; to protect them from the ignorant unwashed masses. To expect change to be internal is asinine pie in the sky and to expect Hillary to be the one to do it is just flat out absurd. If she had a virtuous blood cell in her whole disgusting body she’d have stepped down as the hated puppet she is. But she doesn’t care about the people, she cares about consolidating power for herself

Dan Henry I think if she did that, she’d be even more disingenuous than when she usually claims to be for the worst off economically in America. And, we actually had a Democratic candidate to choose who had a proven track record on said issues. But he was screwed over repeatedly by the media and the Clinton advocates that infested the DNC.

Eric Linter Her deaf ear to the mood of the country is astounding, especially for one with so much “experience.” She badly underestimated the public’s approval of Bernie Sanders’ policies, the anger at the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and made a questionable decision choosing Tim Kaine for VP. Her miscalculated loyalty comes across as arrogant disregard of the will of voters.

Maria Bray She, and the DNC, are very much out of touch. I hope she’s able to put her ego aside and listen to some counsel from the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren because they seem attuned to the general tone of the country. I know she’s smart, I know she’s capable, but the hubris thing is dragging her down.

Jodi Loden I think she is awful and has been awful and that as we watch all the insurance companies merge and/or refuse to participate in low costs plans and the drug companies hiking up the prices on life saving medications to exorbiant amounts that no working class family can afford and pipe line executives sicing dogs on peaceful protestors, i would like to thank all of the people that voted for these two corporate stooges for putting us in this position where things will and can only get worse. What we are seeing now is undoubtedly only the beginning of how bad things are going to get as neither Trump nor Clinton are standing up to the corporate interests and/or even saying they will stand up to the corporate interests. We had a canidate who would have fought for working class people but the Hillary drones assured that our children and ourselves will continue to suffer and/or suffer worse for years to come.

Nicholas Philip Hillary Clinton is incapable of channeling anything other than the Democratic machine military industrial complex and corrupt financial banking system. But she does that very well.

Mark West Hillary has benefited greatly from the Dems sellout to special interests. At this point, I think it’s all she knows. She may want to change, but just doesn’t have a clue as to how.

Lisa Howell I think women openly demonstrating the emotion of anger is still frowned on in America such that it would be a potentially career-limiting move for her. It’s just not actually socially acceptable for women to show anger, yet. (note: this is my opinion, based on my lifetime, my experience, and my observations, and should be understood as reflecting my own experience of bias against women, rather than a statement of fact supported by other documentation.)

Cris Mastellone I agree ROBERT and it’s because she has no problem with the real problems Americans are facing. She is lock stock and smoking barrel in with the establishment and wants to change nothing. That has stopped her from finding the correct political strategy in this election because she doesn’t truly look at it the way Bernie Sanders did. Her beliefs are not progressive and if that causes the dems to lose the White House they are truly a failed party!

With the above kind of vitriol from the progressive base, how is it that Clinton is electable? Who is to blame if she loses? Our Times would submit that it’s not the disenfranchised progressives who would be to blame, but the machine that put Mrs. Clinton as the Democratic candidate in the first place. And this is what fundamentally needs to change.


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