It’s time for the Civilized Progressive Tea Party

So, the American populace has spoken. So disgusted was it with an entrenched political establishment that it voted in to office a demagogue who brings us face-to-face with all the worst of human nature – Donald Trump. This is no mere triviality. Trump is the very representation of a reptilian mindset that will seek to place profit over general human well being, and the well being of the planet. In order to accomplish these aims, Trump stoked the fires of racism and fascism to get into power.

The main rallying cry that Trump used to get people to vote for him was his promise to bring back decent paying jobs to the U.S. While this should indeed be a high priority not just in the U.S. but around the world, it should most definitely not come at the expense of alienating vast segments of the the world’s populace, or stoking the fires of racism and bigotry with the most devolved, ignoramuses living among us. It should also not come at the expense of placing climate change deniers in positions of power that would exacerbate the horrors of continued global warming. It should not come at the expense of placing progressives on the Supreme Court, moving towards a single payer system of healthcare, maintaining the sane policies of guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose, making sure that we allow for a system where the black and latino populations are able to vote without the Republican’s full court press to eliminate their voices, that religious zealots don’t repeal the progress made for equal the rights for the LGBTQ community (or even introducing the medieval notion of conversion therapy). It should not come at the expense of a foreign policy that should be even more effective in finding the right equilibrium between working with sane partners around the world to furthering the cause of peace, human rights and democratic values, while using every bit of power and influence to fight the increasing powers of tyranny and despotism that seem to be creeping into power around the world. And it should most definitely not come at the expense of ensuring that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Yes, creating decent paying jobs is a rallying cry that we can all center around. But progressives cannot allow the other above scenarios to play out without a fight. Since the Democratic Party has failed real progressives, and because a separate third party may not be a viable option for getting real progressive politicians into office, we need to form the Civilized Progressive Tea Party as a faction within the Democratic Party. This momentum has already taken place under the powerful influence of Bernie Sanders. Now, let us continue the good work.

Remember when Barack Obama was elected in 2008? Remember how the fears of a black progressive sitting as the President of the United States birthed the Tea Party movement, which has infiltrated the Republican party with such devastating precision that very little progressive action has been allowed to take place over these last eight years because of it? Using this very effective movement as an example, real progressives need to get real determined, real quick, and begin coalescing to form the Civilized Progressive Tea Party. With this party, we first need to be completely dedicated to a civilized discourse in addressing progressive political positions to a significant segment of the public that has been so effectively propagandized into believing that progressivism is tantamount to communism. Then, we need to get real determined, real vocal, and real politically active. Let the following be our manifesto:

  • We will be uncompromising and vehement in our approach to dramatically reducing C02 emissions (and pollution in general).
  • We will be radical protectors of the environment.
  • We will aggressively reverse the horrifyingly antidemocratic measures Republicans have instituted that suppress the rights and abilities of black and latino populations easy access to fair voting.
  • We will to review, reinforce and unapologetically promote basic human rights and humane respect for all the world’s demographics on a global scale.
  • We will be radical in our approach to ensuring fairly priced and universally available health care for all.
  • We will be militant in controlling prescription drugs and legalizing, at the very least, medicinal marijuana across the country.
  • We will vigorously carry the big stick of long-term incarceration for anyone, or any entity, that engages in criminal and unethical practices in a too-big-to-fail financial industry.
  • We will demand free tuition for public universities and that student debt does not financially cripple private students who elect to attend private universities rather than public ones.
  • We will uncompromising in our demands that schools are funded properly so that future generations can compete in a globalizing market place.
  • We will return deep respect and dignity to vocational training, to teachers and to the school systems that support them.
  • We will be uncompromising in our ambition to ensure that nutrition and safe drinking water are basic human rights and not the domain of the wealthy or institutions like Nestle that would seek to privatize water supplies around the world.
  • We will be tenacious in demanding the overturning of the U.S Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling by only supporting justices who would promise to overturn it.
  • Along the lines of replacing Supreme Court justices who will seek to step down over the next four years (and this is a big one), we will picket, write, demonstrate, create videos and start showing up to the offices of our elected leaders in local offices, and on Capitol Hill, to demand nominations that promote progressivism at all levels.
  • We will fight to ensure a woman’s right to choose, and receive, access to Planned Parenthood services.
  • We will demand the diversion of a significant portion of our nation’s Discretionary Budget away from the funding the incredibly corrupt, and unbelievably wasteful, pork barrel military industrial complex to funding projects that deliver world class, highly evolved intelligence, systems and infrastructure so that our country can compete in the 21st century.
  • We will finally break the back of the NRA so that we can deliver common sense gun laws.
  • Finally, we will be in-your-face brave to fully supporting our muslim, black, latino brothers and sisters in the face of what is sure to be a significant increase in racism and xenophobia brought about by Trump’s fascist rhetoric.

Let us, as Progressive Tea Partiers, promise to deliver all of the above with the determined knowledge and understanding that we are on the right side of history, and that our collective, determined actions will not fail, no matter how much resistance we face. For the sake of our shared human evolution, we can do this. We must.

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