The DNC’s corruption is structural, not individual

As was reported in a recent New York Times article, three senior officials within the DNC (Amy Dacey, the committee’s chief executive; Luis Miranda, its communications director; and Brad Marshall, its chief financial officer) are leaving the organization. This comes in the wake of the Wikileaks posting ca. 20,000 emails from within the DNC, illustrating how top officials there actively attempted to denigrate Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton.

If we were to be candid about these recent departures, it would seem that they are a fully expected response to mitigate the outrage of a constituency that was having major trust issues with the party in the first place. In other words, progressive Bernie Democrats were offered up a sacrificial symbolic gesture to show that the DNC really does want to make changes. With this, two thoughts come to mind:

  1. There is a clear revolving door in political interests. Just look at what former DNC Chairwoman did after the Wikileaks exposé. She resigned the day after the leaks were publicized and accepted a key position within the Clinton campaign. Because Ms. Dacey, Mr. Miranda and Mr. Marshall were so loyal to the Hillary cause, it stands to reason that they will fully land on their feet within a Clinton administration, or the Clinton geopolitical juggernaut altogether.
  2. The DNC’s corruption is systemic and structural. Three people leaving, whether they were asked to do so for the good of the party, or on their own volition, will make no difference to the thinking or the methods of the DNC.

Point #2 is where we want to focus. By now, more and more people are becoming aware that the DNC, just like the RNC (Republican National Committee) is basically a massive fundraising machine that is designed to facilitate and maintain a power structure that has little interest in changing an overall rigged system of government. Why? Because to do so would mean that the DNC as a collective, and the power players within, would have to renounce the game in order to place focus on where it belongs – on the actual wellbeing of the American populace. Power, and the vast sums of money that keep that power in place, has become a disease that has totally warped the American democracy. The only “democracy” that exists is among the big monied interests that have purchased our legislators and political institutions.

Robert Reich, an economist and former US Secretary of Labor, recently said it best:

“The Democratic National Committee – like the Republican National Committee – has become little more than a giant machine designed to suck up big money from wealthy individuals, lobbyists bundlers, and corporate and Wall Street PACs. As long as that’s its de facto mission, the DNC won’t ever be kindly disposed to a campaign financed by small donations — neither Bernie’s nor any others. Nor will it support campaign finance reform. Nor will it be an institutional voice for average working people and the poor. It won’t want to eliminate superdelegates or support open primaries because these reforms would make Democratic candidates vulnerable to non-corporate interests.

Until this changes, no amount of symbolic purging will affect the DNC (or RNC). There needs to be structural reform and the only way this can happen is with a continued groundswell of grassroots activism. Change will not happen every four years during a presidential election when we get to hear, albeit sparingly through corporate media, about the Green Party for example. Structural change happens when individuals become activated, and then mobilize and coalesce into an actual movement. The Tea Party was born after the election of Obama. Regardless of of who wins the Presidency later this year, the only way to structurally change the DNC is through a progressive version of the Tea Party. The Green Party already exists, and they are not taking money from large donors.

While a progressive third party might force the DNC to reform itself, it is more likely that it will view any growth by the Green Party as a threat to its interests and seek to sabotage it through denigration campaigns. The DNC may even commit all out crimes against the democratic process (as the Wikileaks internal DNC emails, or the report by Election Justice USA, reveal) to protect a structure that benefits its people traversing the revolving door between government and the lobbying-industrial-financial complex.

The only way to change the structure definitively is from within. This would be done in the following ways:

  1. Get active
    Join, or even found, a third party group (Green Party or otherwise) in your local area, become familiar with the platform, then get vocal, and politically active. When the two-year election cycle arises, you’ll be politically relevant. Directly after the cycle, use the momentum built to consolidate gains, further your message, and offer up candidates.
  2. Don’t bite the hook
    Remember, the entire structure of our political system is designed to keep us perniciously at odds with one another. It will tell you that the other side is your enemy. The other side is not your enemy. When the other side comes at you with vitriol, remember that they, too, have been propagandized. Ask questions, find commonalities when possible.
  3. Beware of media spin, and keep focus on the real issues
    Remember that the political system will use the media to divert focus from real issues. A clear example of this was the Wikileaks release of DNC emails. The story in the media was quickly spun to who was to blame (the Russians), instead of that the DNC was actually involved in the subversion of our democracy.

Only when we become actively and realistically focussed on changing a rigged system, will we change the system in its entirety. Until that time, it’ll be abuse as usual, without any end in sight.

As usual, your thoughts and comments are welcome.


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