‘The system is rigged’ is now the general consensus

So we attack the police, we attack black youth, we attack each other…and the overarching system wins. The very rich maintain their hold on us, while we are busy pointing fingers and screaming.”

– Isabel M.

Matthew Classen, Editor in Chief, Our Times

Matthew Classen, Editor in Chief, Our Times

The above quote comes from a friend on my personal Facebook account. Her words, while not original, has now become the general consensus among the American population. Indeed, this critical mass has been reached precisely during this election cycle within the U.S. Donald Trump is so widely popular because he represents so many people’s frustration in the rigged system, which is one of the reasons why his appeal is so broad – that he is outside the system and therefore the perfect representation of the people to fix the problem. Forget about the visceral response that the self-proclaimed billionaire is so wealthy, and from such a wealthy upbringing, that there is no way that he can legitimately identify, or deeply understand, the increasingly frustrated working class, or the completely 49d367f9200b56c68189c9426edd889cdisenfranchised poor within American society. People like him because he is anti-establishment. The same rationale applies to Bernie Sander’s appeal. His entire campaign is built on the foundation that the system no longer represents the people, and that he, and his politics, are the beginnings of the answer to our challenges. And then there are the people who are so disgusted with anything that represents the establishment that they have become anti-Hillary (Clinton) because that’s exactly what she embodies. This would include a huge portion of Bernie Sanders’ supporters, which is why so many have vociferously stated that that asking them to support Hillary now that Bernie has conceded defeat is a non-starter. Thus the #bernieorbust movement. Even through popular and very well respected media channels, the notion of a rigged system and rampant corruption is simply par for the course. The following interview on Bill Moyer illustrates this perfectly.

Now that we ‘get’ all this, what now? How do we proceed? How frustrated and disenfranchised must we become before we not only realize that we’re being played against each other, but the actually focus our frustrations exactly at the root of this disfunction? Can we get there at all? What are your thoughts?

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