Trump won because of one reason, and one reason alone

Matt Classen is the Editor in Chief of Our Times
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Matt Classen, Editor in Chief, Our Times

Matt Classen, Editor in Chief, Our Times

In the aftermath of Donald Trump winning the race to become the 45th president of the United States, we can now realistically focus on the singular reason this unlikely scenario came to be in the first place: the American public’s deep-seeded anger at a corrupted, “rigged” political system.

Kindly remember that in this election cycle, Trump was not the first one to tap into the population’s frustration with a system that benefits only the wealthiest of the wealthy. Bernie Sanders gained huge traction with the Democratic electorate with this exact same message. He gave Hillary Clinton such a run for her money that the DNC had to systematically, and very undemocratically, thwart his candidacy in every way possible, including, it seems, by cheating the democratic process itself. To Sanders supporters, it was surreal to watch how the DNC used every crony at its disposal to make this happen, which not only included some of the highest placed officials in the DNC, but also their financiers, press channels, influential pundits, entrenched establishment surrogates etc. To those observing this take place in broad daylight, it was a very real example that the system is, in fact, rigged for the benefit of the corrupt establishment. Many Sanders supporters were so furious at the DNC for its robbery of the democratic process that the #neverhillary movement began, and continued, all the way through to the 2016 election result. Countless hundreds of thousands had to be coaxed, shilled at and shamed into feeling that a vote for any candidate other than Clinton was a vote for Trump. While this was indeed what it boiled down to, free thinking peoples never like to have their arm forcibly twisted, especially when it involves voting for a person that represents the very corrupt establishment that they so loathe in the first place.

Let’s also remember former Texas congressman Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy in the 2008 and 2012 election cycles. Paul was a Libertarian candidate who ran as a Republican. His main rallying cry was that the system is rigged for the benefit of banks, the military industrial complex and the bought-and-paid-for politicians who grease the skids to keep the beneficiaries of the rigged system happy. Paul was the only person to get on stage during the Republican primary debates in both the ’08 and ’12 election cycles to vehemently articulate this reality. In fact, many of the people who were present at these debates booed Paul when he expressed these sentiments.

In watching the progression of politics over the last few decades, despite all the rancor, obstruction, and laughable wedge issues, the one constant within the entire equation has been the systematic transfer of wealth from the majority of the American people to a tiny ruling elite. Everywhere you look, both the Democrats and Republicans have been complicit in delivering precisely this result. This has become so plainly obvious, and such a massive point of frustration with an enraged American populace, that the people actually preferred voting into office a person who was so foul in his messaging, and such a horrifying representation of the worst of humanity, than voting for an establishment figure like Hillary Clinton. This should be a massive eye opener to all of us. Establishment candidates are no longer a viable option and we need to wholeheartedly embrace this new reality lest we repeat the same mistakes that brought us Trump in the first place.

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