What goes through your mind when you get old? 91-year-old Flossie Lewis has some beautiful insight

Have you ever thought about what it’s like when you get “old”? What goes through the mind as the body begins to whither? Or maybe your mind isn’t what it used to be? How does it feel when you become “less attractive”, and therefore invisible, in a society the values youth and beauty to such a high degree? If you are not yet “old”, have you ever really visualized what all this means and how you will deal with it as you watch yourself get older?

91 year old Flossie Lewis has some insight in this regard. Some of her comments in the below video are poignant, and at times comical. What all her comments illustrate, though, are the simple truths of what it feels like when you get old. These words are timeless and will serve us well when we get old a grey, should we be so lucky in the first place. Some of Flossie’s quotes in this interview include the following:

“Getting old is a state of mind. Now, I’m 91, I’m badly crippled, but I still think I’m 15.”

“You do struggle to keep yourself neat and clean and fashionable, and there’s always the possibility that romance comes your way.”

“Really growing old is when you discover that you haven’t a reason to get through it anymore and that you’d like to go to sleep with a certain amount of dignity.”

“Excepting the fact that the body is going to go, but the personality doesn’t have to go, and that thing which is the hardest to admit is that the character doesn’t have to go.”

These are just a few of the quotes that Flossie throws our way. They’re real, they might be a bit uncomfortable to acknowledge, but they definitely touch a place of inspiration. When you get old, will you let crankiness take hold in the midst of the discomfort of watching your body deteriorate? Will you still feel worthy of romance? Will you still feel attractive and beautiful and totally worthy of all of life’s best characteristics? How will you start training your mind, right now, to maintain this positivity of perspective so you can get to a mental state similar to Flossie’s when your turn comes around? Worthy questions, all. Keep them in mind as you age. With luck, you’ll enjoy the same wisdom of seasoned outlook as our dear friend Flossie. Enjoy the video.

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